Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Perfect Tomato Storm

 I wrote this before the deaths of the Arizone Firemen. May the Lord comfort their families and may they rest in peace.

We have a little compost holder that we feed all year with kitchen scraps. Bob digs is out in late winter/early spring and spreads it on the raised bed garden.
This year the heat was fierce and early, basically making the snowpea crop a bust. But the tomatoes are growing like crazy!
We have had temperatures from 60-90 day and night, lots of little rain showers alternating with sun. Add the compost rich garden soil and look at these plants! There are only 4 and I have tied them up twice already.

Now we just hope they all ripen! The pepper plant is getting buried. First batch of basil is on the left. Go, God!!

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