Friday, July 5, 2013

Every Attempt on July 4

Every attempt was made to distract and aggravate me today. Last night my Gmail account was hacked. So by the time I got up this morning there was a mounting pile of responses from my friends asking "Did you send me this? It's empty!" Not only that, my contacts were emptied too. Actually that might be okay. I have paper copies of most addresses and I can just re-enter the current ones.
But this was going to be my holiday to clear my desk and get down to writing. It never happened. I had phone calls from folks who wanted to tell me what is wrong with other Christians. I had phone calls regarding "Did you send me this?" I found the potatoes that needed eating in the fridge and the rhubarb that needed cooking, too.
Yet all the while, I kept reaching for The Lord and that pleases Him. I did not get frantic, even when I accidentally deleted the information from the funeral home about our arrangements for cremation. Oh, and the Mercy Health e-mail about my Health Assessment vanished, too.
So I end this day knowing Christ loves me. The dog is frantic over the explosions of fireworks. The potatoes were a hit. The rhubarb bars were tasty. The hubby is snoozing soundly.
Our Independence is secure this night and tomorrow is a new day!


  1. What a delightful approach to what could have been a battered day..well done.


Someone is spamming my gmail account. Do not open something that says I sent you a Google document.