Monday, June 15, 2009

Ellie Turns Four today!

Here the tissue paper begins to fly as Ellie began her 4th birthday party. Everything this year is about her babies and she wanted "real" stuff for them.
Lizzie watched carefully as Ellie unloaded her new "diaper bag." Higgins had to make sure there were no snacks in there for him!

The real applesauce and real Cheerios were a smash hit. She requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and, being Ellie, then refused to eat it. Her Dad made sure she had at least one bite.

Four years old today, June 15! Hard to believe how fast the time is flying. Emily made a terrific dinner for all of us. The rain slowed her down a little bit, but all was well in the end.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okay, I am getting the hang of this blogging! Bryon and Marsha have a wonderful pond with frogs and fish and lily pads that even produce flowers. Marsha said we just had to come see the blooming lilies. Bob just got a new camera and I tagged along with the one I sort of know how to use. See their wonderful pond above! I did not notice the flowers having a scent, but it was good to stop and see the froggies and their fishy friends!

This past week I went strawberry picking with Emily, Ellie, Lizzie and various friends and neighbors of theirs. As you can see the berries were lush and ready to eat! All this time we have wondered if it had to be so hot or why there was so much rain, and unbeknownst to us a wonderful crop of berries were growing for us to pick and eat! For about $1.25 a pound we filled our paper trays and ate our fill before leaving the field. Then processing berries and choosing what pie filling to make took up a part of my day. Emily made her pie with sugar. I chose the Splenda route. Hers tasted better! Many people said the season was over, but we had a blast and there were certainly more berries present than we could pick. A fruitful time for all!
The girls and I braided long clover flower stems while we waited for Emily to finish up her picking. Hopefully we made some sweet memories together!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9 Finally an entry

This morning I went strawberry picking with Emily and the girls! We ate many berries and spent about $10 each. I actually got my berries processed or frozen before noon!
I have had the distractions that keep me from my prayer time compared to a spider web. Have you walked through the woods or garden and inadvertently caught a line from a spider web? Well, I am working on a paper comparing the different kinds of spider silk to the various kinds of distraction that keep me from my quiet time. Hopefully, I will finish it soon and post it to the blog!

I have a new to me laptop and a book from the library about blogging! Lots to learn in this day and age! The thought of posting photos with a message almost overwhelms me. My new laptop has Office 2003, another challenge after years of Office '97!

I think this will take up most of the time when I am not sewing this summer!I do not want to be left behind in this age of technology!
Greetings to all of you!
Molly Pink Fingers :-)