Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday thots

The Lord has been speaking to me through Sandia Crest since I arrived in Albuquerque. Remember how in the early morning the mountain looks black, and there are no details as to the terrain? Then the sun comes piercing over the horizon and all you can really comprehend is the LIGHT showing and glowing? After a while, the sun is higher and the ridges are showing and the shadows they create.
When I asked the Lord the first morning why the sun was glaring in my eyes and what He wanted to say, I knew that He was showing a word picture to answer the question "Why I use my prayer beads." Some of the answers are: focus on God, to center in Christ, to peel away the layers of obvious. I see the sun rising behind the mountain. The glare is so bright it throws the mountain side into shadow. A little snow in the crevasses shows, but the rest is swallowed in smudged shades of gray.
I pray with my beads. I center - I pray - I focus
knowing as the sun rises higher in the sky more details of the mountain will be revealed, whether shades of gray or sharp shadows with bright terrain. As the Light of Christ shines in and upon me, I am also restored to peace, for GOD KNOWS ALL and He is ABLE to keep me.