Friday, April 12, 2013


Recently, Rowan was in the car with us. I asked Bob to drop me off at the grocery while he ran Rowan home. When I got out of the car and told Rowan goodbye he began to cry. About a block later he demanded to know from Bob, "Where she go?!" Bob was startled to hear him declare an almost sentence!
The saying goes that misery loves company. The physicians are practicing their medical arts upon me. While they practice I am the guinea pig for their experiments. They decided the company for itching misery should be removal of all medications and over the counter vitamins and supplements. MAYBE one of those is responsible for the itching?? The misery of an itching body has been joined by a body in pain. Tonight I am down to one capsule of a drug that effects my brain chemistry for pain relief. After one or two nights, no more of that one.
To ad insult to injury the weather burst into spring with highs in the low 80's (which pretty well killed off the early daffodils). The forecast the next two nights is low in the 30's. If my body reacts as it has during the past 15 years, chronic pain and osteoarthritic symptoms may soon rule me. I will be the one asking "Where she go!?" Or I might be mumbling @#(*@$^(*$&!&^!_(*$&#!!!
I have been told not to think this way. Hum, when you are 62 years old, have had a chronic pain condition for over 20 years and developed osteoarthritis in that time too, well, I am not thinking myself into a bad state. These are physical facts I live with. If the Lord would like to heal me right now, He knows I am ready and eager for His touch. Barring that, He has assured me I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.
So I guess 'Scratching Agony' should be my current moniker? I am on drugs that are supposed to either stop the itching or make me so I am not so anxious about itching. We are now into month #3 since I reached the point I could not stand this and sought medical help. If you count the coping on my own we are in month #4.
In the parking lot at Sam's today another woman and I agreed that the younger generation has NO IDEA what they are in for! Growing old is Not for sissies!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wonder if this true?

I tried briefly to look this up on line. Do not know that it is true, but gave me pause for thought. I don't usually look to James Patterson and Maxine Paetro for my life philosophy, but they wrote in The Sixth Target, quoting a physician:
"Claire once told me this thing about brain chemistry, the nub of it being that when you're feeling good, you can' t ever imagine feeling bad again. And when you're feeling bad, it's impossible to imagine a time when you won't be circling the drain."
I find parts of that true. When I have been through a bad spell, I swear I will be eternally grateful for the simple things I used to do with no thought of what it took to perform those things. Then when my strength returns I eventually give no thought to 'taking things for granted' including the things I could not do earlier. Do I fail to give thanks more often because I cannot imagine losing strength and "mundane abilities?"

I need to keep all that in balance.

Monday, April 1, 2013

One of Bob's Favorites

Dan made mention of Bobby McFerrin and that got Bob thinking about his favorite McFerrin song done with Robin WIlliams.
Here are the lyrics. Be prepared to laugh!

People get ready there's a limousine comin'

People get ready there's a limousine comin'

Don't need no baggage, just a pair of funky shoes

You know you're ready when you paid your membership dues

To take you to the country club

Bring your golf clubs & your tennis racquet too

We'll bang a few balls

Cause we're singing the Beverly Hills Blues

Beverly Hills

Walkin' down Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills

There's a Gucci store, it's open late

Beverly Hills

Japanese men buying things they don't need

Beverly Hills

So, so expensive for no need

Couldn't start my Porsche

Couldn't start my Mercedes Benz

Had to call up one of my German friends

Listen very carefully you can hear credit cards sliding out of their wallets right now

There goes your Visa, your Mastercard, your American Express

All that great, great American excess

Feel the money go beyond your credit

Oh you'll have to pay one day but not right now

Come on baby, Beverly Hills, oh you gotta love it somehow