Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pop and the Kiddo

Here is Pop and the Kiddo about one week ago, February 13, 2011. Will I always be behind on this blog? Seems so.

Rowan is about 3-1/2 weeks old in this photo. In the first shoot he looks much older! We say how BIG he is, but then you put him against those 5,6, and 9 year olds and he is still tiny. He is peaceful and sleepy in Bob's arms until his diaper is wet. Then look out! and you better change him FAST!
Grammy got a chance to hold him, too. Imagine! :-)
Hope to see him today or tomorrow. Until then, I'll keep looking for the glorious amaryllis video, which I seem to have uploaded but misplaced. Such are the ways of the 60 somethings, huh?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frazil Ice .. Nature's Icee Being Served now!

Recently while traveling in California to Yosemite National Park with his parents, Bob heard of a phenomenon called "Frazil Ice." Much to his surprise, during a winter walk on a side trail off of our favorite trail at East Fork State Park he found frazil ice, right here at home. It was in a large creek flowing into the East Fork of the Little Miami before it forms East Fork Lake. The video explains frazil ice better then I, but it is a formation of ice crystals in swiftly moving cold water. It is like a slushie moving down stream. In this case, even the bubbles of water froze..
Bob's Dad sent this link. See a great video here about the ice that forms in Yosemite in March & April. The video is about 7 1/2 minutes long, but really interesting.

Take a winter walk soon and see if you can find "Frazil Ice" in your area!

The Amaryliis ... Given Time

If you have been following our blog, you might remember that I have been growing an amaryllis bulb since shortly after Christmas. It has been the object of wonder and admiration for our Lord to me. The photo above shows the flower beginning to open.

I never know when I plant a new bulb how many flowers or even flower stalks it will sport, but it is always a stunning display. I am blessed by this one as we have three grandchildren related by blood and this plant has three flowers in its first blooming.

In our hearts we have also adopted Eden and Elayna as our grandchildren. I keep looking to see if this plant has 2 more buds hidden or another stalk about to shoot up?!?!
Another day passes and I run to get the camera to document for you the unfolding wonder! The shades are still closed against the single degree temperatures during the night.

And finally, today we are in full speed growth with a bright sunny day back lighting the flowers.

It is frigid outside. (I actually wish the weather people would stop saying frosty and declared frigid! Single digit temperature deserved to be named properly!)
I took the above photos earlier today. The sun is beating in and the heat is lovely. The flowers are unfolding so rapidly I am tempted to move the plant and try to slow it down. (Yeah, like I have that much power!?!)

Rowan has hit 10 pounds. Bob reminded me that in three more months we will BE in Ireland. Gosh, I guess I did turn 60, huh?

I want you to notice the flower bud in this earliest photo and then the progression of that buds' cover as it opens. I watched that bud grow from a mere dry stump on the bulb. (So sorry I did not catch that on film!)

Looking at the outside of that bud, I placed lots of hopes and dreams on what it would be like when the flowers finally opened, knowing that by then Baby Rowan would finally here, and, and, and ... you can fill in the blanks for a time when you have pinned your hopes on something in the future.
And as the bud began to actually open, the bud lost its importance. "Oh!" I said, "We have red flowers!" (I have had pink and even an almost orange once.) So often we project our hopes and even our fears into the future. However, we often find that when we arrive at the future, few of our fears arrived with us. Things are not as we thought they would be, for good or for ill.
As you look at the later photos, the covering for the flower bud has changed from deep green to yellow. I am pretty sure that by tomorrow it will be a very light yellow or ever beginning to dry and turn brown.

Now try to connect with something you are expecting in the future. And realize, once again, that the Lord has the situation in His control and He will accompany us when we arrive there.
Rowan is a lovely healthy child with a little bit of colic and a tear duct that is healing from a slight infection. We still do not know who he will become. His grandparents have great faith that as he becomes a man, the Lord will be at his side guiding, directing and leading him through life and into eternity.
"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever." ISA 40:8, 1PET 1:24-25
Place your hope in the Lord. He is the only thing that is going on FOREVER!