Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving thanks for warmth and seasons!

Today as I went out to walk the dog we both bundled up in coats and I wore a scarf and heavy gloves. We walked straight into an 8 mph wind and the temperature was somewhere in the 30's. What a change! Again I knew for certain that late autumn is here when I saw an empty, brand new, county truck sporting a shiny snow plow in front, practicing it's salt run in our neighborhood. We will be oh so grateful that he practiced when we need his services!
I almost canceled my walk as my face was frozen by the time we reached the stop sign. Turning the corner, however, the wind was no longer a direct sinus hit so we continued.
I am delighted that I no longer need to ice the pies. Okay, I confess, I tried a sliver today. Usually, the pies would be forgotten until Thursday, but all this icing and checking to be certain they're chilled, and smelling that heady spice aroma... I had to try a sliver. Yummy! if I do say so. Wish Betty was here to share a pie.
The turkey is finished, sliced and the pans almost finished up. The dishes from all the cooking make me miss the kids even more! Bob is a huge help, but he does work at the lab much of his time. So turkey done, dressing done, sweet potatoes baked and mashed, turkey broth has been simmered and strained for gravy and hearty soups. Today I make yeast roll dough and Waldorf salad. Clean the house, choose the serving spoons and forks, clear off the counters for a buffet feast, and try not to get too tired to enjoy the celebration!
The wind chill inspired me to feed the birds both seed and suet cakes. How ever do they survive this weather? I am again grateful for the changing seasons and the slowing down that the earth models for us. Now if I can just slow down the pace of my DOings and focus more on the joy I glean as a human BEing.
Lord bless us and help us draw nearer to You!
Won't be long before Ellie and I are making snow angels again!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks in 2010

"Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving."—Colossians 4:2
The verse for today sums it all up!
When I took the pies out of the oven on Saturday we knew for certain that Thanksgiving Day is galloping towards us! The aroma from the spices was heady stuff. Traditionally, I make the pies early and store them on the icy cold garage floor, sealed in Tupperware, waiting for the day. As the weather this year would have it, the garage floor is cold, but yesterday we hit the high 60's and today the forecast is 70! So now I am using ice blocks to keep those pies cold until the temperature drops to a consistently cool level.

The drought here is scary and the "Indian Summer" just seems like a continuation of the long dry summer, with only a few cold days sprinkled in for hope. Imagine my surprise today on the way home from the gym when I saw a county truck sporting a new snow plow and a load of salt! "They" say know, those crazy weather forecasters? ... "they" say that the day after Thanksgiving we are to have rain mixed with snow. That is really hard to comprehend today. But "they" are also calling for heavy rains on Thanksgiving day and personally, I give thanks for that. We already lost one holly bush to the drought and Lord knows how many trees in the woods behind us.

Here are some photos from a recent walk in the woods. We took a trail at Eastfork State Park that we had never taken before. It led to this creek which was almost totally dry.
The little pond looked like it might be able to refresh a few animals. If I had been thinking more quickly I would have whipped out the new tiny video camera that Bob bought me for my birthday and I could have recorded the four huge horses and their riders that came past us. Frankly, we were just interested at the moment in getting out of the way, not spooking the horses and keeping the dog calm while they passed us. Bob commented later, "How many times do you get to just walk in the creek bed and stay dry?"

I said earlier I might never get caught up. Well, I got caught up until the Christmas sewing list was made. I did not blog though.
Maybe I'll be more consistent in 2011? I want to be like Dan.

I better get back to arranging how to seat eleven people on Thursday! Be blessed and give thanks for the wonderful life you live.
xoxo, Molly D.