Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grandkids Magazine Sales

Every year the elementary school sells magazines for fund raising. Bob and I try to support their efforts. This year I studied the offering closely and decided I had not read a Popular Science magazine in years. So that is what Bob bought me. Wow! The June issue has a special section entitled "The Future of Energy."
Who ever thought a town named Pflugerville would take an energy headline? Sounds like a movie name!
The New York City firm Pvilion "produces power-generating fabric for large- scale commercial applications. Its flexible panels can be as efficient as rigid ones but far easier to manipulate into structures like canopies for electric-vehicle-charging stations." Look out George Jetson!! In fact, they liked the one station installed in 2011 so much they got a government grant to install 8 more!! This article is from the Pflugerville, Texas offical Website "Keyto the City"
Eight car charging stations to be installed in Pflugerville

Taking advantage of a Federal Grant provided by the Department of Energy, the city will install an additional eight car charging stations in Pflugerville with four in conjunction with the Pflugerville Community Library expansion and four at Stone Hill Town Center in front of the movie theater.

With two car charging stations already installed at the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation’s 130 Commerce Center development, these additional eight charging stations will be placed in high traffic areas.

"A number of proposed locations were considered and brought to Council for consideration," Assistant City Manager Trey Fletcher said. "The goal was to find a multi-purpose use. If people go to movie and choose to get some power at the same time, they may choose Pflugerville's theater with these new stations, and may choose to charge while finding a book at the Library."

If you want more information, (or just like dimples), watch this interview with Colin Touhey, CEO of Pvilion.

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